Monday 26 March 2012

Hip Hop Don't Start

The non-mysogynist Monty Don.
One hears of West Coast rappers and East Coast rappers, but is the rap world a little too geographically exclusive? There could, for instance, be some very decent ‘spitters’ of lyrics living in the hinterland, not considered ‘seaboard’ enough. The problem for those with a smaller deposit (the ‘less bling’ in hip hop financial terms) is that it’s quite difficult securing a mortgage on a property on prime coastal real estate. Though estate agents can offer some help. They’re very good at the dressing up language:
‘How about this, I’ve got a five bedroom villa slightly more your budget, set back a little bit from the sea front. How do you feel about that?’
‘Ain’t exactly West Coast. I dunno man. How’s that goin’ down in my rhymes?’
‘Yes, I thought you could do, erm, instead of “I’m from the West Coast”, something like “I’m from the hinterland, Boasting stunning sea views, Just a five minute walk from the beach”…’ (CLICK ON 'Read more' LINK, BELOW)

Rappers are often accused of demeaning women. They use the term ‘hoe’, but so does Monty Don and no-one calls him a misogynist. It’s one rule for one person… Another term is ‘bitch’. “And I’ve got bitches,” Snoop Dogg might say, but no-one stops and thinks to sympathise with him. He’s trying to find a nice girl he can bring back to his mother, but all he manages to attract are these ladies with a temperament, these… well, bitches. Girls, he means, like Joan Collins in Dynasty (see clip, below). How often do you see the rapper trying to be serious about singing a song while all these girls are wiggling their bottoms near his face? It’s disrespecting and we all know how important it is for rappers to be respected. You want to say ‘Come on Snoop Dogg, you’re better than that’.

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