Thursday 21 April 2011

5 a day? - You Do the Math

How are you supposed to get your five a day in Greenland? You try growing a brussel sprout just outside Nuuk (the capital, for those who don't know and don't know how to use Wikipedia), or a radish, if you prefer, this time somewhere more inner city. See how you get on.

Go to a vegetarian restaurant in Nuuk and the waiter says, 'But you're quite welcome to come in and sit down if you like'. In Greenland, five a decade is more hopeful. (CLICK ON 'Read more' LINK, BELOW)

If you have say seven one day, can you carry two over and have just three the following day? If not, and you fancy seven one day like you know when you have a craving (usually a craving will be for something more specific like fish and chips, but this time round it's awh, do you know what I fancy? I fancy seven different types of vegetable stroke fruit), you could have your five then stay up till midnight and just after pop another couple. Technically those two will count in the next day's quota but psychologically you've done it - you've satisfied your craving for seven.

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