Thursday 10 November 2011

Nickers of Knickers

Not so far back in history, saying you were working online meant you were a knicker thief. Now working online can still mean you’re taking off knickers but not necessarily from a clothes line and you’re a lady charging for the service at a premium telephone rate on the internet.
As far as we know the knickers removal sees the lady reunited with the garment so in this instance theft is uncorroborated. And we assume the knickers belonged to her in the first instance. (CLICK ON 'Read more' LINK, BELOW)

A lot of research has been done into this sort of thing, accidentally. Often we may be taken to the wrong website when we use a search engine. We may, for instance wish to see listed pop groups comprising six members. We type in ‘sextet’, we make the mistake of typing only the first three letters before hitting the return key and up comes some unforgivable choices. There are ladies, for instance, sitting around in their knickers and brassieres asking you to pay some money to talk about clothes choices. Should we keep them on, take them off, or given the latter, when? It’s the sort of thing that even Gok Wan would probably be tempted to engage in (see below, for Gok Wan’s insights).
And that’s worth mentioning to your wife when she confuses ‘caught in the act’ with legitimate research.

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