Wednesday 22 June 2011

Can't Cook Won't Cook - A Chilling Legacy

Until the onset of the Arab Spring, few of us had wondered what had happened to the TV chef, Kevin Woodford, presenter of Can't Cook, Won't Cook. On the show, co-presenter, Ainsley Harriot frequently asked 'What is he like?' Take a second look at the photographs below and see for yourself - he's become President Assad of Syria.

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They look alike, sure, you might say, but where is the hard evidence? Kevin Woodford followed closely the fortunes of his good friend, Ainsley Harriot when he went on to host Ready, Steady, Cook. And President Assad is promising to change the electoral system... to choose a red tomato or a green pepper.


  1. Dear Tiny Bang,

    There is no mention of Kevin Woodford's early years. I can recall his F1 years with fond memories. In particular the year his goodyear tire blew out on the home straight. His driving that day was remarkable, the world championship gone by simply over doing it using a pen knife to increase the depth of tread. Of course in those days he was known as Nigel Mansell. Sorry but I am unable to attach a photo to support the claim at this time how ever I'm sure there is one in the Tiny Bang vaults or the editors email attachments.

  2. Editor's Response:

    Thanks for your observations Rocketman. I'm not so sure the Nigel Mansell face matches that of Messrs Woodford and Assad. However, a lot of pictures of Mansell would have been taken in the flush of an F1 victory (known in the trade as the 'podium shot' - although it's not clear which trade)and it is quite possible that after the Mach effects had worn off and he's back home having a cup of tea or something, his face may well have resembled that of our dictatorial TV chef.

    If you are correct in your assertions I think an interesting CV presents itself. One that would provoke an employer in quite a niche market to say: 'Formula 1, TV cheffing and running a tyranny from home... just the man we're looking for. Congratulations, you've got the job'.