Friday 17 June 2011

The Monarchy – Not Your Usual Benefit Claimants

The British monarchy sets itself apart from other benefit claimants. They are quite principled about not being seen as a tax burden. In fact they pay their taxes… out of the extra taxes we raise to provide them with an income. Further, they don’t jam up the queues outside the post office Monday mornings waiting to cash in their Giro cheques. How many on benefits bother opening civic centres or smashing bottles of champagne to launch ships or raise a finger to go on state visits to the Bahamas? (CLICK ON 'Read more' LINK, BELOW)

There are now cases where three generations of a family claim benefits from the state. But that’s nothing. The Royal Family has been doing it for over 900 years.
Setting yourself apart requires a lot of effort. We should, therefore, look to help out where we can. For instance, the Government could make it easier for the Royals to fill out their claim forms.
Add for instance a Question 16 – Are you related to William the Conqueror?
If you tick the Yes box you continue to fill in details on your monarchical status; if No go to Question 34 and answer the usual questions they would ask of a commoner.
And on the first page where you have to write your title, why does the form give so few options (Mr, Mrs, Dr etc) when it could include ‘Queen of England and its Dominions’? Where it says ‘Do you have a partner?’, replace this question with ‘Do you have a consort?’
And how about Housing Benefit? Why not offer more guidance with the questions about your living space to read: ‘How many rooms are there in the building?’ (living rooms, bedrooms, mews, servant quarters, sentry boxes)? ‘How many homes do you own? (Owning several castles may not affect your entitlement)’.

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