Sunday 12 February 2012

Rape, Pillage and Estate Agency

A Viking Des Res.
The Vikings named Greenland in an attempt to encourage people to settle there. ‘Green is the new white’ they proposed to get over the fact that Greenland is an island made of glacier. The Viking estate agent hoped to appeal less to the kind of person who nowadays would tune into the TV show ‘Location, Location, Location’, more to a type watching something like a ‘Location, Location, Oh-fuck-it-let’s-just-buy-anywhere’.
‘Come to Greenland*’ would have been the wording to the marketing campaign, the asterisk followed up by a footnote in very small print saying ‘Terms and Conditions apply.’ (CLICK ON 'Read more' LINK, BELOW)

The Viking estate agent must have learnt from an earlier mistake of coining the name ‘Iceland’ for the frigid island. They kind of went too far the other way on that one. Too honest. People were put off by an image. ‘Course, the Viking was having to reach out a bit at the time. Trying to get over that rape and pillage label. Trying to get a better word of mouth business going. Trying to get more:
‘They rape and they pillage but their estate agents’ commission is quite competitive and they do offer some good feedback on viewings for the seller. Just a little bit of a shame about the raping and the pillaging, but you know give them a try…’
Granted, they did go on to do a bit of mis-selling with the Greenland thing, there was the continuing rape and pillage, but at least Viking estate agents were fortunate that they didn’t have as bad a reputation as the estate agents of today.

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