Monday 25 July 2011

Hosepipe and Horse-pipe Bans

In rain-lashed Britain we are only two minutes away from experiencing either a drought or a flood. If you look out of your window and it’s a downpour, you can assume the hosepipe ban on watering your garden is temporarily on hold – there’s enough to go round. Maybe even enough for a flood. If it’s drizzling, the drought threat level escalates from amber to red. We’re edging into the territory of a watering can ban. If it’s sunny, something like a sponge ban. (CLICK ON 'Read more' LINK, BELOW)

Of course, the problem with imposing a hosepipe ban is that you might drive it underground. That’s what they say about banning anything, like you shouldn’t ban fox-hunting because you’ll only succeed in driving it underground (prompting then perhaps  horse-pipe ban?). And that could cause a lot of horse-related injuries on the tube. Similarly, wombling may have been an outlawed activity and look what happened with that.
Another, smaller, way we could save water is by painting less with watercolours. Or, as well as the recommendation made in times of water shortages of bathing with a friend, why not take a bath with an enemy? Keep your friends clean but your enemies cleaner.

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