Thursday 7 July 2011

Keeping Curling Clean

It’s early July and it’s a reminder as Argos and Sainsbury’s finish shooting their Christmas adverts, that the curling season is almost upon us. For the unacquainted, curling is lawn bowls on ice. A sport made for the Eskimo pensioner.
Take a look at the video clip (below) and marvel at how much sweeping up is involved. How fastidious its contestants are. It is quite possibly the only sport where the cleaning up starts way before the contest is over. A sport that scouts for emerging talent in the gangs of support staff who sweep up the styrofoam cup and hot dog wrapper shit on the terraces.

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As the popularity of curling swells to include a few more people this season, is there a fear that underhand practices will enter the game? Broom tampering is a very big concern. Though not impossible to detect. Small puddles appear on the track, pulling the stone (the ice bowl) up short. Close inspection shows road grit lodged between the bristles.

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