Sunday 11 September 2011

Fitness First or Fatness First?

Fitness First, the chain of gymnasiums should get its business concept right and call itself ‘Fatness First’. After all, you’re fat before you start attending.
Fitness First has so far failed to attract a joint venture with Greggs.

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They do make it quicker and easier for themselves churning out the promotional material, though. Usually it would depict someone Before and After where the photographer has had to take a shot of a lardy customer, then waited around several months to take another of them buffed up. But Fitness First can ask the photographer to take the Before shot then say, ‘Just keep your finger on the shutter, take another shot now. That’s it. Right, no need to hang around, you can go home now’. The ‘Before and After’ photos are ‘Before and The Same As Before’ photos. Usually the best day’s work a Before and After photographer can get is shooting twins in one sitting, where one has kept himself in trim and the other has blimped.
Should other businesses choose to follow the Fitness First logic, Iceland could rename itself ‘Toxification First’.

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